Colmnaris In Naked Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Quarantine' started by Disturbed.), Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Disturbed.)Valued MemberMember

    Just thought I'd share my recent horror with everyone else so knowledge circulates.

    I shut down my breeding operation because of a slow strain columnaris outbreak nearly a year ago. I decided to slowly rebuild stocking for a personal display and mostly dropped breeding, still breed rabbit snails.
    Other than a few small displays and aquaponics tanks, I have nothing but bare bottom Qt setups now. The big tank is totally broke down and I have 7 qt/grow out tanks stocked just to restock it when it's finished.

    Now, the you need to know this scary stuff!
    I tore down my big display/severum breeder because of a slow strain columnaris crisis that never killed a fish but was there and meant the fish could not be moved.
    Many, many, many dollars and months of treatments in Qt tanks everything "seemed" cleared. Some fish were sold off to friends and some to a couple pet shops. I kept one tank up and running with 5 Megalechis Thoratica and another running with nothing but ace hardware ammonia.

    Fast forward 2 months. The 75 gallon tank with only 5 adolescent hoplos was fine until I introduced 8 baby red spot severum that I had Qt'd for 6 weeks in another room.
    Within 2 weeks I was in all-out outbreak again. Eventually losing most of those fish.
    The week before that I had finally added fish "two 2-inch gold nugget plecos" to a 20l with a large canister that had been treated with spectrogram with a tablespoon of salt per gallon for 2 months with no fish. A few days later one became stressed "typical pleco white fade" because the slightly larger one was bullying it. I moved the stressed nugget to a 10 by itself. A friend showed interest in the gold nugget that never showed any signs of stress, still in the 20l, a month ago and a trade was made.

    Today I find out from that friend, the pleco as well as a 3 year old colony of guppies it's in a 120 with have columnaris.
    This terrible bacteria can survive the recommended treatment with no fish to host on for 2 months in a canister filter. I drove to the local pet store and then the hour south to the predominant fish store in the area because I had sold the unscathed fish from the original outbreak to them. Thankfully no one had reported any problems with the fish they got from me or other gold nuggets that I had gotten from them.

    I didn't mean to make this so long but I feel I had to be clear as to there is no doubt this was spread from a fishless system that had been treated with powerful antibiotics and was well above the salinity thought to eradicate it.
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  2. david1978Fishlore LegendMember

    Sounds very similar to whats happening to us. Infections are getting resistant to more and more antibiotics.
  3. Disturbed.)Valued MemberMember

    I've known and always feared that. That's the reason why I only turn to them when really necessary for both my family and my fish family. This was not only meds but also temp reduction to 75 on living tanks and who knows how low on the empty, combined with salt, a lot of it, and most importantly a naked no fish tank for over 60 days. I know I have bad luck with everything but this outshines all the info on this bacteria. I wash everything in near boiling water followed by 3% H2O2 and rinse again with uncompensated 160 water straight from water heater. Then sterilize again with 91% Isopropyl before a final rinse. Either it really is airborne and only opportunistic
    as some people suggest or it is or is getting way harder to control.

    Are you dealing with it now? What have you found that works against the strain you are dealing with?
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  4. david1978Fishlore LegendMember

    Next thing our fish will be at the stage i am and have to start giving them iv antibiotics. Lol
  5. LetsfishWell Known MemberMember

    When fish start dying and you really can`t figure out what is killing them the culprit is [columnaris].In humans that have GI problems and the docs can`t figure it out it becomes IBS.;)

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