College.. What happens to my fish?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by audiosheep, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. audiosheepNew MemberMember

    I'm in the process of stocking my glorious 29 gallon tank. So far, I have 6 neon tetras, 1 glowlight tetra, and 1 bristlenose pleco. I hope to add a school of harlequin rasboras, kuhli loaches, and some type of gourami or GBR eventually.
    But after all this.. What happens when I go to college a year from now?
    My current (and most likely) choice of college allows fish tanks up to 30 gallons in the dorm, and it's about 3 hours from home.. assuming my parents don't move after I graduate. Though, I know there's all of those breaks where they kick you out of the dorms. Also, there is the wretched shoebox-sized living condition I'll be in. If I didn't take my 29 gallon setup with me, I know I'd definitely want to set up a 10 gallon with neons or a 5 gallon beta tank to remind me of my fish back home. And as of leaving my fish at home.. as much as I've tried to educate my parents on proper fishkeeping, I don't think they'd be as dedicated as I am and I might be coming home to missing fish every holiday..
    Did anybody bring their fish with them to college that can shed some light on the moving situation for me?.. Anyone?
  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I only had bettas in college. As hard as it may be, it sounds like it may be a good idea to wait to further set up your 29 gal until you're in off campus housing or after college. Maybe you could rehome these fish before you leave for college and take a 10 gal with you? It's a lot easier to move a 10 gal between your dorm and your house than it would be a 29 gal.
  3. NympxzieValued MemberMember

    Hey don't fret just yet.
    I go to college in a few months and I'm only allowed a 5 gallon tank. I have had 8 tanks in my room as of a month ago. Slowly but surely I've been breaking them down. Re-homing the fish (it breaks my heart) and storing the tanks and parts. I still need to take down 1 more tank before I go to college. I'm keeping 3 (my 10, and two 20's) which is a manageable amount for my parents.

    It's really the best thing to put your fish keeping hob on the shelf while you are in college, but if you are like me you just can't do it. Get rid of as much as you can. Come home as often as possible. Leave simple instructions, text and ask for photo updates!
  4. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Is there anyone in your family you can get interested in keeping fish. Much more fun to do with someone else.
  5. thefishdude277Well Known MemberMember

    How about a friend that you trust?

  6. audiosheepNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I think I'll try to keep the fish stocking simple and manageable for my parents until I can get my own place and move my tank down with me. Surely if I micromanaged from 3 hours away, they could keep them alive enough.. right? For me?

    If only fish friends were easy to come by. :( I live in the suburbs so everyone who might be even remotely interested is pretty far away..
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  7. NympxzieValued MemberMember

    I'll be three hours away from home too, I'll micromanage if that's what I have to do~

    As long as they can feed your fish and clean your tank water once a week you should be okay.
    Ask them how you fish look (health wise) and when you come home test your tanks and give a much needed gravel vac.
  8. f2002Valued MemberMember

    it is good that you're already thinking about breaks. College is going to be a fun, wild time which would be best experienced with someone who can be spontaneous (i.e. not someone who has to get home every day at same time to feed his fish or do a water change). I don't know if it is a good idea to tie yourself down with an aquarium.
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