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    My otocinclus have been hiding much of the time lately which is least for the babies that were born and grew up in this tank. The ones I bought at Petsmart have always hidden more. I checked nitrates which were under 10, so I figured that wasn't the problem. Then I recalled a few times that when I had an airstone running they were much more active. In fact, when I had them in a 10 gallon with a betta and had an airstone running, that's when they bred for me.

    So, I dropped an airstone in yesterday afternoon as an experiment to see if they came out to play more with it running. Sure enough, 4 of my 8 are out and about today as compared to yesterday when they were hiding in the cave much of the time.

    So if you have otos and aren't seeing them much you might try adding extra oxygenation. Mine seem to appreciate it.
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    Glad you figured out what to do for them good job!
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    Quick Update: I don't usually check my nitrates very often, but did the other day before a water change and nitrates were on the high side for me (a bit more than 20), so I did about a 70% water change and my otos who had been very active in only one corner of the tank are now all over the aquarium. I'm so glad to see my otos happy again!
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    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try! I love the hum of my filter, but I can't stand the loud air pumbs!
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    Yeah, the air pump gets on my nerves a bit too, but I wrapped it in a towel and it's in my tank stand, so it's not too noticeable.