Coconut Conundrum.

Got a half coconut here, I’ve been boiling it for 2 days in a pan. Ive changed and emptied the water 15+ times. 00934b58fe85b0cbadaf89e58b1f9949.jpg this is just now, I added salt to the boil to try pull more out of it. I can't believe how much is still there after all that boiling and water changing.

Will it ever stop ? Or is it just the way coconuts are, I need this thing literally T-total. Anything else I can do and is it possible to have it leach a dead zero of anything ?

Things learned up to now.
If you want tannins for your tank boil one of these suckers repeatedly, I could have a blackwater bath tub biotope with the amount of tannins I put down the sink.
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It'll leach less in your tank as the water won't be as warm. You can add Purigen to help remove the tannins.

Is there a reason you don't want it to leach tannins?
Ah, sorry, I missed that this was the saltwater section.

Have you stripped off all of the bark?

It looks like this. 985011cc92e7f4910cc03fe6eb3c02ea.jpg because the amount of boilings were getting absurd, ive left it in salt water, just to see what it does. 19d6e376038c787c2e17ae8dd80323d3.jpg I just can't believe all those pans of tannins, ive boiled wood before, big pieces haven’t gave that much tannins. Funny thing is I’m my fw tanks, I embrace the tan now lol. I want it to work, I really want this in my tank with corals stuck on it.
why not just use some live rock or base rock?

Its an experiment, you seen the show blue planet 2 ? I think if this works and looks how I’m visualizing, I could knock these out at £10 a pop because of that show, episode 2, making it will cost £1 and il be putting yellow polyps on it and green palys, which I have an abundance of, I honestly think it will look cool, natural in the tropical reef. I thought maybe glaze them with something?
Sounds cool! I hope it works out for you.

Hmmm, you'd think I might have some ideas here as I come from a land of coconuts. I would definitely sand it or something to remove the entire husk and get it smooth as a baby's butt. I'm sure there's a good way to do this, artsy crafty people in the Keys have been using cleaned up coconuts for years. I've seen them used in all kinds of ways, most recently as a bowl holding sugar scrub soap, lol.

Maybe you should check out this show called 'Tanked'. They put all kinds of random things into aquariums and have mentioned some coating they use to make the objects aquarium safe. Whether it's truly safe in a reef tank... idk.

After a quick look, I did find this.... scroll down to step 4.

Surely if you thin it down, you will have an easier time rendering it inert in some way or another.
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Thanks stella1979 ! Haha do you like my idea ? I missed this, I made the thread but don’t get alerts for it lol. Il do some more homework, going to see your link now, I'm in no mad rush to get it cracked but I love the idea and definitely am going to do it somehow. Hmmm see now I see food safe finish and I think that must be reef safe finish maybe ?
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I hope so, I have got a frag tank already lined up, I obviously can't set it up yet as I need it to house my reef when I eventually get around to drilling the clear seal. Il have to look into those foodsafe methods on your link as one of them has to be the key to get this done.
That piece of chicken though.... mmmm haha.

Worth a shot. Keep us posted on your coconut project!
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