20 Gallon Tank Cockatoos And Cherry Barbs Breeding


So recently I have set up a 20 long with fluval stratum (little ball things), a terra cotta pot and lots of driftwood to bring down the ph. Here's a picture;
My stock is;
Male and Female Cockatoo Dwarfs
6 Albino Cherry Barbs
3 Otocinclus
I have CO2 and a Finnex 24/7 Day to Night Light. Pretty High Tech compared to my other tanks.
My male barbs (2 males 4 females) chase the females and they love the bushy stem plants I have, while my male cockatoo has been trying to lead the female to the pot while putting up displays. What are yall's thoughts? I plan on selling the fry locally for extra money and have extra tanks for grow outs, though I'm thinking about separating the male from the tank after they get about a month old so they don't ditch that batch and make a new one. Any tips would be appreciated.
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EDIT: The plants are only about 3 days old in the tank, and I want the tank to get very dense in plants, with the grass on the right to grow long and rest at the top of the tank and make the breeding site shady.

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