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    I have a 30 gallon that i will be starting to cycle soon, but right now i'm trying to get everything that i need. I want to have a planted naturalistic tank. In order to have a good looking tank do i really need to install some kind of Co2 system?
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    Depends on your lighting. What lighting will you plan on having?
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    I have normal output 24w 6500k double fixture lighting
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    Is this a 30x12x18 or 36x18x12 tank?

    Normal output makes me think T5. Either way, at the most, you will have medium lighting. So with low-medium lighting, I think a dose of Excel once every few days would be beneficial. No, you will not need CO2.
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    In my experience like everyone was saying it depends on the lighting. I use 2 incondecint florigrow light bulbs and with my 30 gallon planted tank and the co2 is not necessary but it does help a lot. Co2 will make your plants grow Realy fast and large but there are some down sides to you half to balance the co2 with the oxygen because to mutch co2 may give your fish co2 poisoning but doent wory you can get a co2 guadge to monitor the level of dissolved co2 in the water. One more thing if I was you I would get a pressurized co2 diffuser you can use the liquid co2 supliment but in my oppionion I think it doesent work as well. So thoes are just some helpful tidbits that helped me with my planted tank. I wish you the best of luck with your planted tank.
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