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  1. adz2332 Initiate Member

    Hey all,
    Ive done the DIY co2 set up in my 2 foot aquarium.
    i have a airstone under my filter on the right side of my tank.
    The filter pushes the little bubbles to around half way or a little bit over.
    is this ok? will the c02 get to the other side of the tank to?
    will it all mix.
    crude drawing of what i mean below

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  2. mccann1987 Member Member

    Co2 enters the water at the water line through surface agitation. The best way to achieve this is by positioning a filter outlet or power head near the water surface so the outflow disturbs the surface allowing co2 to enter the water colum. In your setup if there is no surface agitation then co2 will not be entering the water.
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  4. mccann1987 Member Member

    Yes that would help but would create some noise if that's not a problem then that's fine. Otherwise you could place the filter head just below the water surface or on level with the water surface so it creates ripples on the water surface allowing co2 to enter the water colum.
  5. adz2332 Initiate Member

    and what is the diff between the one above and ones that look like that but with a spiral in the glass?

    thank you for all this! just struggle to get my head around it!!

    i have just noticed my fliter the aqueal fan plus 2 comes with an attachment. can i run my c02 straight to this instead. (pic below)
    as i currently havent got it attached and dont use it

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  6. mccann1987 Member Member

    If I'm being honest I'm not sure what or how you would use that co2 diffuser. I have a 20gallon long freshwater tank with two sponge filters creating water agitation which seems to be sufficient enough.
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