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Hello! I added a bunch of plants to my 29gallon aquarium a few days ago and picked up a 45g CO2 injection kit this afternoon. I’ve read that your supposed to turn off the CO2 at night however it took me around 45 minutes to get the right amount flowing into the tank. Is it safe for me to leave the CO2 on over night if it’s running at one bubble every three seconds or is there a shutoff valve I can purchase? As I am new at this feel free to add any info I should know. Thanks!
I also have a sponge filter if that factors into the equation.


I’m fairly new at this too, but have done lots and lots of reading, so hopefully this is helpful - but it might be the blind leading the blind!

The bubble per second rule is definitely vague - it depends on how many plants you have in your tank, how fast/slow growing they are which leads to changes in how much CO2 uptake there is. Plants also utilise CO2 when photosynthesising but then produce CO2 when it is dark - which is why it is advisable to have it timed rather than running all the time. Having said this, people certainly run successful tanks with it running at small amounts constantly.

The only way to know what is safe in your tank is to know your tanks KH And test the pH. You can then estimate how much COs in there based on the charts you can get from googling. (OR, watch your livestock carefully and react quickly if they are stressed)

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