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Hello all!
So after years of being out of the hobby and after kind of recently started a low tech 10 gal I really want to advance. I'm starting another 10 gal that I'm planning to keep only neocaradina in and I want to start using some plants that will require CO2. Being a smaller tank and not having much room I'd like to stay away from using those big gas tanks, while also looking for something that wont break the bank. I came across a CO2 system called Aquario Neo CO2 that is cheap and seems ok or at least till I get more comfortable with using CO2. If any one has experience Aquario Neo CO2? It seems to be a system that is simple to use and install and is based on some sort of power that you mix with water. Or if you have any other recommendations please let me know!
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Welcome back to the hobby, hope our Co2 users can help advise you today


Looking at the Aquario neo CO2 kit demo, it looks like "sugar/yeast method". It is possible that the gel is a polysaccharide that yeast ferments less efficiently than disaccharide (sugar), therefore CO2 production last longer.


I think you hit that nail square on its head. I just the video myself and it looks like an inexpensive system that would be a practical solution for a small tank. I would recommend getting a ceramic diffuser versus the one which comes with the kit. It seemed really cheap on the video. Other than this small observation I think it would worth a try and the price for it is no bad at all. You will have to let us know how it works out for you KoiKoi.

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