Co2 and ferts

  1. Joeyfishguy Member Member

    I have a 40gal with Amazon swords micro swords and a couple crypts, I have a t5 ho 39x2 bulds and I'm not looking for a jungle in my tank but I would just like them to be heathly so do I need co2 and what kind of ferts do I need
  2. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Are you noticing any deficiencies? If not, you really don't need to dose or add anything but root tabs and liquid CO2 like Seachem Excel would help.

  3. aniroc Well Known Member Member

    This is a lot of light for a 40G. There is no sign of carbon deficiency. The plant is simply not growing. Deficiency are showing up when the plant is growing and something (other than carbon) is missing.
    What is your substrate?
    How are your algae?
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    OP only said he wanted them healthy looking which is why I thought I'd ask if he was seeing a deficiency or if he's looking for more growth, etc.

  5. Joeyfishguy Member Member

    It's not a lot of light it's 2 watts per gallon which I thought was mid light range