CMACS Aquarium - Charlotte, NC

To my other carolinians, I would like to make a LFS recommendation: CMACS Aquarium. They are my primary place to go for whatever I need! They are very small and family owned, and the owners know my name and recognize me immediately lol.

They have a MUCH bigger selection then a big box store, and if you are in a pinch and need to rehome fish, they will do it for you as long as you call ahead and schedule a time to do so!! They have a large saltwater section and multiple tanks of frags as well.

The nano section of the store is just WONDERFUL. All kinds of neocaridinas and nano fish. They also have a very cool betta set up, in little filtered display cubes where the crayfish are as well.

So, if you are in the Charlotte metropolitan area PLEASE check them out and support them!! The owners are very helpful and always do their best, and again this is a very small family owned store and they do this full time!
If i ever get out that way again, i will check them out!

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