Discussion in 'Clownfish' started by Deonfish, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. DeonfishNew MemberMember

    I've had my clowns for about 7 months now and they both are about an inch- inch 1/2, they both host a bubble anemone. I just want to know if they are healthy because they have been the same size for a while now. Are they going to remain the same size and just be good friends or will they eventually fight on who gets to be a lady??
  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    How big is the aquarium, what species, and 7 months isn't very long for a fish to grow full size to.
  3. DeonfishNew MemberMember

    50 gal and just a pair of snowflakes. I'm not trying to be impatient or anything, I just want to make sure that their ok. Their still the same size and one doesn't really stand out from the other and its been a while. But they eat like triggers tho
  4. JesterraceWell Known MemberMember

    If they have healthy appetites then it's generally a sign that they are doing well. Snowflakes generally max out around 3-3.5 inches but to my knowledge clownfish aren't fast growers.

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