Clownfish keeps dying

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    CodeSensei New Member Member

    OC Clownfish (little over an inch)
    OC Clownfish (little under an inch) - died
    Maroon Clownfish (little under an inch) - died
    Damsel (little over an inch)

    I started with a maroon clownfish (little under an inch), and died after 1.5 weeks.
    I then bought a OC clownfish(little under an inch), and it died after 1.5 weeks.

    Water params, water temps, salinity are good.

    The damsel is the most aggressive amongst the 3.

    The 2 clownfish were always hanging out together at the bottom swimming against the wavemaker 24/hrs a day. Last night, I changed the direction of the wavemaker and the 2 clownfish seperated and hung out separately. I noticed last night that the clownfishes and damsel were rubbing their bodies against the rock\sand. Today, the smaller clownfish died. Did not see any ick on any of the fishes.

    Cant figure out why the small clownfishes keep dying.

    Heres what Im thinking:
    - Damsel killed it
    - Wavemaker confused clownfish and died
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    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Post params and read up on clowns first
  3. Nitemelodies

    Nitemelodies Valued Member Member

    They must of been stressed if they were flashing!

    You should post parameters, maybe the moving of wavemaker kicked stuff up and changed your parameters by accident causing stress.

    Post parameters that way its easier to figure out whats going on.

    hmmm... How did you acclimate them in!? maybe you shocked them if your LFS parameters were wayyyy different then yours, could be all sorts of things.

    YOur Damsel could of stressed your other fish causing an outbreak you dont know about, theres just too much without a baseline of parameters and more info!