Funny Clownfish host in weird places. Where have you seen them hosting?


When I first got my pair, one tried hosting in the top-rear corner of the tank. I'd see it floating on its side looking dead & drifting around with the current, then flicking to life when it drifted too far.

Now one is plopping down on the substrate in various places trying to find a comfy spot I guess. Perfectly healthy/active otherwise.

So yeah, they're weird little fish.


Lol, I have seen clownfish hosting shells and snails.


My clowns did the same thing as babies. I don't know if it's true, but I heard that it's from when they're in cramped growout tanks. They just kinda pick a random spot of glass as theirs. Mine stuck with the habit for a long time, but eventually grew out of it.

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