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We bought 2 Picassos yesterday from our LFS. They both seemed great and healthy. On the way home, the other started attacking this guy and I noticed his eye is cloudy/swollen (popeye?) and his fins are a little torn up. On top of that, he is breathing extremely heavy and swimming on his right side with his belly against the glass. He has been in this exact spot all day today. I soaked their food in Selcon, Metroplex, Focus Day-1 and have tried to get him to eat numerous times to no avail. They are currently in our QT tank with copper meds. Will be starting API General Cure this evening. Idk what to do for him. Our water parameters are good, they have plenty of hiding spaces (not pictured) so I don't think it's just stress (what our LFS told us a few mins ago ). Any ideas as to what could be going on and what I can do to help him? Thanks for any input! Water parameters below. Is there anything I may be missing as far as water parameters?

pH: 8.0 (was 7.4 / still trying to raise it)
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0 PPM
Nitrate: 5 PPM
SG: 1.019 ( LFS had theirs at 1.018)
Temp: 78.6°F
Day 2 Copper Treatment: .50 PPM (following label directions)


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I might slow down on trying every med for sale ? It would seem the issue is an injury that clean water would fix ? If it is bacterial eye issue say bye bye to mr. clown ..
If you still have both take sick one back ,they clearly will not get along .. The second picture shows a whipped clown..They are no nicer then damsels [same family ] .
Waiting months to see the same in a larger tank seems a poor choice ..I have one Picasso for last 5+ years ..She killed the new man last year over a 3 month seems like it is going well session ? Swimming together and apart no problem then dead little guy ! I have kept marine since 1980s....
Work on getting your SG up as the LFS keeps theirs low to help them with ich which should not be needed for clowns ..
I don't think both together will make it IMO ?

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