Clownfish Getting Ready To Breed?


Picture of the fish attached at bottom.

Hello all! Its been a bit since I have posted, been really busy with work, school, and life in general!

Life update! I have pretty much delved into the world of saltwater now, and starting to keep easy corals and a few fish.

I do work at a fish store that is saltwater and freshwater and recently we had a drop off of fish from somebody's saltwater tank, which I quickly nabbed up this pair of clowns I see are definitely a mated pair. The male is about 1/2 the size of the large female, and they get along great. At the time of purchase, which I had to have them, I really only had this 7.5g Cube tank (12"x12"x12") that I was planning on doing a nano reef in, but for now I think it would be a decent temporary home until I get the top row of 20L tanks running.

Tank Specs: 7.5g Cube tank (12"x12"x12")
Aquaclear 30 HOB
Fluval Sea Nano (I wanted to see how good it is for sales purposes)

2 Clownfish
3 Hermit Crabs
2 Astria Snails
1 Peppermint shrimp
2 Small Patches of Green Star Polyps

It also has one large piece of liverock in the center as you will see in the image posted.

Returning to the topic at hand. I have noticed the male and the female both doing the 'seizure' toward each other. More like an aggressive twitch, but I have read it means breeding behavior.

Given that I could actually get eggs, hypothetically what would I feed the fry? I have bred and raised angelfish, and currently am raising pygmy cory and black cory fry, so raising fry is not a foreign concept to me.

I have read rotifers are like the Holy Grail of saltwater fry fish food, but I don't have that on hand. I do however have live baby brine on hand, which I am not sure if that would work.

I have watched a few videos on the subject of breeding clowns, but this would be the first saltwater fish I could possible breed. Any general tips would be appreciated!

Thank you for reading!


They look like a really nice breeding pair! In my lab, we have 23 breeding pairs, and whenever we get eggs and larval fish we feed them copepods, artemia, and rotifers. Rotifers are definitely one of the best but the key is to have healthy small live foods to feed on.
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Sounds good! I am hoping to get my feet wet with breeding these clowns and in the future I will move them into a 20g long tank. I do appreciate the reply and hopefully you will be seeing a post regarding eggs soon!


Good luck! If you need any more help let me know and I can tell you what we do in the breeding lab

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