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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by HDavid, Apr 24, 2017.

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    As the title states I lost one of my clownfish this morning. I had two ocellaris clownfish. One I had bought about two months ago with a smaller companion clownfish who didn't survive the drip process(sad but I digress) then one month ago I purchased another clownfish of a smaller size. When I added him in he seemed to submit immediately, shaking and swaying on his side. That seemed to pair up and she grew rather large to him very quickly so I had assumed that paired off surprisingly well. About 3 days ago I noticed he seemed very thin and when I looked this up it seemed common for this to happen to the male clown. He did eat every feeding as I fed rather generously to make sure he ate. Yesterday he was landlocked to the bottom struggling to swim up but still eating. I put him in my Refugium so nobody could bother him and he passed today. I never saw the female bullying him nor any other fish but who knows what goes on when I'm not home. Parameters were normal as my other fish and corals are looking healthy. My mail question is do you think this was a random isolated incident and I could maybe get another clown to pair off with her or just stick to one clown because she will kill all other clowns? Side question would she see a black clown as a mating partner or just a random fish?
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    Did you de-worm him before you put him in the tank? Were the other fish de-wormed?

    I would check your parameters and post them, that might help.
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    It seems like everything else is fine. I'm guessing that he came to you with a disease, parasite or possibly even bad breeding. The going skinny thing could be parasite or disease. If you get another one, I'd qt it and treat it with some prazi pro before it goes in with your other fish.
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    I am assuming your tank is cycled correct? What is your PH and KH?
    Also, where did you purchase your clowns from? The LFS or Petco/Petsmart?

    It might be an isolated incident, assuming your water parameter is correct.
    Another thing, you don't need to drip acclimate a lot of these things, maybe like starfish or fishes that are more sensitive to water parameter changes.
    What I do is, temp acclimate for 10-15mins, then dump the bag of water and fish in a small bowl, get 1/4 cup of my tank water and put it in the bowl. I will set a timer for 5 minutes and do this 3-4 times and they are ready to be put in your tank.

    She might see the black clown as a mating pair, just make sure you buy one that's smaller than her. You might need to separate as needed though as she might have claimed her tank territory. So, if you see them fight/bully, separate the aggressor for 2-3 days and re-introduce back in the tank until it stops.