Clown Pleco Care Guide


Clown Pleco
(Panaque maccus)

Common names:
Clown pleco, Ringlet pleco, L162, LDA22, L104
Size: 10cm
pH: 6.8 – 7.6
Tempº: 23ºC - 28ºC (73 F - 82 F)
Tank region: Bottom layer
Origin: Venezuela
Gender: Males have odontones near the back of the body.
Notes: Like many Dwarf plecos, the Clown pleco is incredibly hardy and peaceful to other fish. It is important to include driftwood in their tank, as they like to rasp on it and actually get some of their diet from it. They are omnivores, and do not eat a great abundance of algae. They enjoy cucumber and frozen bloodworm or similar should be offered 2 -3 times a week. Their color changes with age, young fish being dark with cream stripes and adult fish are much lighter in color. They do not eat live plants so they are excellent candidates for the Planted tank.
Clown Plecos are most often found in fish shops as small Juveniles




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