Clown pairing question

Okay so I noticed one of my clowns doesn't seem to be eatting (at least in front of me).

I am treating for ich, which should be done right about now, so the temp is a bit higher.. and they are new to the tank.

Here is what I (a noobie) find odd... Out of the two clowns (mocha) the smaller one seems to be doing the twitch dance, yet the other larger one seems to be the stressed and beat up one? Can the smaller one ever be a female? These pics are why I think the larger is getting beat up. Keep in mind, pic one was merely two hours before pic two.

Thank you in advance, this community has been amazing.

Also worth noting, I never actually see them fighting at all, very occasionally ill see a chase, but it is very rare.
Still breathing but may be dying..
Clownfish wont sex until theyre put into a tank of 2-3. This is because most arrive at pet stores or sold as juveniles who are always in too large of a group to work out the pecking order. The more aggressive one tends to slowly transition to the female. The next in line slowly becomes male. And the 3 will remain unsexed. The smaller cam do this by bullyinf the larger, getting more food, and becoming bigger by the time the sexinf actually happens

The twitch dance is a dance of submission (?) If i remember correctly. But the larger one can be the submissive one, especially if sickly. And id definitely keep an eye on them with him lying like that.

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