Clown Loachi Fighting Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Roger172, May 20, 2018.

  1. Roger172

    Roger172New MemberMember

    Tonight myclown loaches started fighting. Never seen them do this before. They usually share the same hiding spot but they’ve been chasing each other head butting and What looks like biting, is this normal behavior. Had them a few months and this hasn’t happened before.
  2. Crafty Cichlid

    Crafty CichlidWell Known MemberMember

    How big is the tank, and how many hiding spots are there. Clowns are usually social. This behavior points at potential crowding, or insufficient hiding spaces.
  3. OP

    Roger172New MemberMember

    45 gallons. They are beginning to get bigger maybe that’s it. One hiding spot, I had to remove the other, the fish were swimming in a small cut out in side and getting stuck


    Maybe since my guppies are getting bigger, the clowns would stay in those pots right there until tonight
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  4. CardeaterValued MemberMember

    My old clowns get into spats every day. They never hurt each other but I see them having spats over who's in this piece of fake driftwood

    They usually all hang out there when the lights are on. Sometimes I'll see the second biggest one come out. Then the big alpha one moves towards the entrance when the fish wants to return. If the fish insists , the alpha Loach will make biting motions in that direction.

    Sometimes the 2nd biggest Loach gives keeps trying or just gives up.and going in the other side.

    I'll see her go in sometimes as see the other move her tail as the fish enters.

    It's only those two that do that, I'm guessing because the second still tries to be in charge. My third Loach just goes in with no issues. He only gets bothered while eating next to the alpha.

    I had these three for years. Four young ones are waiting in the QT tank and that will be interesting to watch.

    With the small ones in the QT tank I don't see much battling. One has the faded look which signals she (alpha Loaches are said to be female even though no one knows for sure) is in charge. A few times I've seen another one (and this one is actual slightly bigger in size) fade for aday or two. That Loach is regular colors so I guess he gave up trying to be alpha.

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