Clown Loaches Are Awesome

Rob Shannon

Am I the only one who thinks clown loaches are the coolest fish in the tank. I have about 30 MalawI cichlids of all varieties and they are beautiful and active and fun to watch but my loaches are my favorite. I love how they interact with each other, have a leader and sleep on their sides. Mine even cuddle up together in one rock cave during the day. As soon as the lights go off they really come to life.


Yeah clown Loaches are my favorite fish.

The ones in my QT tank keep scaring me by lying sideways. I know they do that and the ones in my main tank do it all the time but I still get scared by these newer one.

It is funny how I have several bigger caves yet they prefer this smaller one. My alpha Loach has to turn sideways to go in.

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