Clown Loaches And Panda Cories


I have 4 long fin panda cories. I am noticing that their fins seem to be getting shorter. How can this happen? Is another fish attacking them? I have 2 clown loaches because I had a problem with long snails. I plan to return them but I am still seeing snails. Could they be attacking my cories? I also have guppies, glofish danios and platies. I plan to return the loaches and get 2 more cories once the snails are gone.


I suggest you find another method for keeping your snail population under control. The loaches will likely never rid your tank of them entirely, so with your thought process, you will never return them! And they are schooling fish that get a foot long. Your profile says you have a 20 gallon and that is nowhere near big enough for those guys. I suggest you return them immediately whether they are harming your cories or not...

As for the snails, you can get assassin snails, they will help a bit. And don't overfeed. Make sure your fish are finishing all the food in a few minutes. Extra food makes the population explode. You can put veggies in there that the pest snails will flock to and you can remove a bunch at once. There are ways to keep them under control without purchasing fish that don't belong in your tank.

Fish with long fins are always in danger of getting more hurt than their standard finned counterparts. The long tails are easy to get a nip on. I wouldn't put it past any of those residents to possibly be nipping at the long flowing tails.

I say you return the loaches immediately. Get more panda cories and do the necessary maintenance on your tank so you don't end up with an out of control pest population.

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