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    Hi all... I added 2 clown loach to my cycled community tank...(15 neons and 1 red tail black shark)....they hid under the rocks for the first few hours which I expected.... But at feeding time they came out which was nice...but after a while they both looked mega stressed...swimming fast up and down the corner of the tank...that's where I left them at bed time...I'm at work today so don't know how they are yet today.....could it be just settling in?... Thanks
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    How big is the tank?
    They probably are very stressed. They are schooling fish and need to b kept in groups of 6+. They also need a huge tank (over 200 gallons) because they grow to 30" long and need to be kept in groups.

    Edit: Sorry 30 cm not inches
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  3. ScottsharkValued MemberMember

    3 foot tank....they are very small clowns
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    Well then for now I would get them 4 more buddies but make sure you can upgrade as they grow.
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    15.08.30 Clown Loach Steve Joul (2) - Copy.JPG
    BottomDweller, I think you may mean 30cm long.

    Mine are 23 years old and my largest Anthia is 29 cm.

    I understand that when Legendre caught 2,000 Clown Loaches in the Musi River and measured and weighed them only one of them reached 30cm.

    Celebrated Clown Loach celebrity Marge was 11.5 " when alive and measured 12" when she died according to her owner.

    From what I understand, including the behaviour of my own fish, Clown Loaches behave as yours are doing when introduced to a new tank. They may also continue to do this for some time at intervals while small.

    The recommended minimum group number for Clown Loaches is generally accepted to be six and the minimum tank dimensions 72" x 24" x 24" which is 140 gallons.

    Mine are in 72" x 18" x 18" which is 110 gallons. My tank is slightly smaller than recommended nowadays because the recommended size for Clown Loaches when I purchased them in 1993 was 36" x 15" x 18" which is 48 gallons.
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    Yep sorry!
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    I forgive you LOL!