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Hi all! So my clown loaches for the past week or two have been acting strange. I keep catching them sitting/laying on their sides, but it would always be when I opened the lid they would jump up and start farting around like normal. Now I dismissed this as fellow clown keeps know they’re tend to like to “prank” their keepers by doing this kind of thing so that’s what I dismissed it as. However today one of them is now floating doing it and breathing very heavy and another is on the bottom doing the same thing and they aren’t jumping up. I’m very confused as nothing has changed recently in their tank other than I added in some root tabs for plants that will be added soon. The only other thing is that recently I missed a day or two of feeding then gave extra the next day but I wouldn’t think that would have to much of an impact. Although recently they also have been getting fed later in the day then normal. Should I try to get back to a regular schedule? Thanks! Today I’m fasting incase it was over feeding (all the other fish in the tank seem fine).

water parameters:
Ammonia- 0
Nitrite- 0
Nitrate- 10-20
temp- 78

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