Clown Loach Needs A New Home!

River Gray

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I have a clown loach whom we call “Lemo” that needs a new home for various reasons, but none to do with him personally at least. He is perfectly healthy and happy as far as I can tell, although not as happy as I’d like him to be since he’s by himself and has no other loach buddies to hang out with. He is free to any good home that has a well seasoned tank with other loaches he can join into a school with. I haven’t done much, or really any, live animal shipping so I will need your help and advise in how to get him to you safely as well as whatever the payment for shipping is.
I am open to the possibility of arranging for some kind of trade, be it decor, equipment, and possibly even aquatic denizens, tho I’m mostly interested invertebrates of the new shrimp type rather than fish atm, though I may interested be for the right fish...
My main goal however is to get a safe and happy new home for Lemo. Please let me know if you’re interested and what kind of new home you have for him!
(I’m assuming it’s a male just because the name we picked seems masculine and I have no idea how to sex a loach but normally the bright colored fish are males so there’s that reason to assume he is a he, as well.)

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