Clown Loach and Gourami "cuddling"

  1. K

    Karlie Valued Member Member

    Just want to know if it is normal for a 3" Clown Loach and adult male Flame Gourami to sleep next to one another and occasionally lay on top of one another?
    My Gourami had gotten himself injured (lost one pectoral fin and half of dorsal) about 2 weeks ago on an ornament. He is doing much better now and is swimming normally. Only thing different is he decided he really doesn't care for his fellow Gourami's anymore and would rather school/hang with the Clowns (well one certain Clown in particular - the other 4 Clowns don't seem to be my Gourami's type :p). I am certain neither one are injuring the other BUT I want to make sure this "cuddling" isn't a sign of aggression between the two species seeing as this Gourami is invading their space. My Gourami is LITERALLY schooling with the clowns and never leaves the one Clowns side. Are they best friends or is this a disaster waiting to happen?
    Side Note: My Clowns will be moved to a 125 gal in approx. 1 month (when the tank is fully cycled) so if they are actually "best friends" would I need to move my Gourami in with them so they don't get depressed? And I am being 100% serious because I have had a fish get depressed and die over losing their mate.
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    renthus Well Known Member Member

    It doesn't sound weird at all. Such things have been known to happen, though they are uncommon. It's certainly not a problem. If possible, I would keep the gourami and loach together, simply because they seem to get along so well. You probably don't have to, but I think it would be a nice thing to do.
  3. OP

    Karlie Valued Member Member

    Thank you for the quick response! I will keep them together :)
  4. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Sounds like a special bond.......:;hf
  5. petaddiction

    petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    Awee what a sweet story! Yes, I agree don't break them apart. :p
  6. OP

    Karlie Valued Member Member

    Haha thanks! They are quite the pair! :p
  7. A

    Anita Vidgen Valued Member Member

    Would love to see a love is as cute as they come!

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    dakota Valued Member Member

    What a need thing to witness pretty special. As above get pictures if you can. Thanks

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