Clown knife hurt Important

  1. Andrew

    Andrew New Member Member


    I have a clown knife fish, and he hurt himself trying to sqeeze into a small rock chasing one of my cichlids. He cut him self up pretty bad so I was wondering if I could just use Methlane Blue to heal him or what should I use.

    Thank you,
    Andrew Clark
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Hi andrew..first off, id remove anything you think he can get stuck in again!! they are curious fish who dont see well..and just like to eat!

    then if you have another tank,(if you dont, id go to walmart and get a big plastic container tub type thing..and grab a heater and a small filter) id put him in it and treat him everyday with small partial water changes, some stress coat +, vita chem, and fish will take a couple of weeks to heal him, but i wouldnt treat with any meds or Methylene Blue..with the proper water changes , he wont get fungus or infection (which is what Methylene Blue is for) add some fresh garlic to his food as well as that will help his immune system and make him stronger...Methylene Blue can be deadly if not used properly and isnt always the all cure anymore ...i hope he gets better soon!
  3. OP

    Andrew New Member Member

    ok I'll try that I'm taking him to a store to sell him, because he is getting to big for my tank. He should be well enough in three days to take him because most of him is already healed.

    Thank you for your help