Clown Killifish breeding and computability


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Hey all I have clown killifish (2 male 3 female) for half year now in a 10 gallon very heavily planted. All parameters are good. they eat many varieties of live food and look extremely happy. I had a group of baby scarlet badis until today because the killifish grabbed all their food and was too active. the poor little badis just hide all the time. I thought the killifish would breed by now. Is it possible that the baby badis eat all the eggs and that's why I didn't see any fry?
Second question is that I am thinking of adding three sparkling gourami. What do you guys think?


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It's likely you haven't seen any eggs because of the badis. They are pretty picky eaters from what I hear and won't eat most artificial foods, and have likely been eating the eggs which would appeal to him/her.

I think you can add the sparklers without as my issues, just make sure they get their share of food.

Sorry I can't help on the kilifish bullying the badis. Not really my field.

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