Clown Fish

  1. Snake Initiate Member

    I've heard that clown fish are easy to look after and are good for beginners. Also my tank isn't that big (38 litres) so if i get fish that live long and grow too much i'll have tp get another tank and i don't have much room!
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Are you talking about saltwater clownfish, or freshwater clown loaches? Clown loaches would not be a good choice for your tank, but I believe you might be able to have at least 1 clownfish in that size tank, depending on the species.

  3. Snake Initiate Member

    Thanks for responding!
    Right now i don't know wheather I'll go fresh or salt water I'm still hunting for appropriate fish but i think the salt water clown fish are for me. Also could anyone please suggest any snails that would be appropriate for me?
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    If you are gonna go with the salt I read that yep clownfish are quite easy to look after the smaller brighter coloured one and maybe a white striped cleaner fish for the cleaning. I'm not talkin from experience just what I've read. Don't bother with sea snails. Maybe smaller species of wrassse