Clown fish Woes (not eating ) 55 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by Ocean Lover, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I have a ocellaris clown in my tank since the beginning early Feb 2010, she is about 1.5 inches. For the past 48 hours she has stopped traveling the tank and hovers in mostly one area near the bottom, strong water flow area, and is breathing heavily and not eating. Her smaller mate is doing fine roaming the tank and eating well as well as the other fish. I offer both frozen mysis and variety food as well as flake she has always eaten both. I can not see any spots on her but thought there might be a few fuzzy areas starting (velvet?), even if I was to photo her I don't believe you could see anything. This evening she had a strand of I believe poo hanging from her anus area but it was white like is mentioned in some disease. All fish I have added have done fine except I lost a Coral Angel I believe due to eating problems. My latest addition was my Med. Blue Hippo Tang which I believe my have introduced ich to my tank. He appeared fine so I added him to my tank without QT about 2-weeks ago (Live & Learn) within a few days I seen a few spots. I removed him and left him in QT 3 days past the spots being gone (8 days). he has been back in the tank for 1 week. Any Ideas on what is going on with my Clown. I would hate to lose her as she was one of my first two fish.. My current action was tonight 3/22 I gave her a freshwater dip, very stressful ordeal for a new aquarist, and I placed her in a 5 gal QT tank with a copper based medicine. I do have crushed coral in the QT tank w/ heater and hangover filter. I have since read I should remove the substrate in the tank, but I want to let her settle and not stress her or me more this evening.
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    it sounds like she may have ick but i cannot say for sure. If you have a fish in your QT Tank I always leave them there for two weeks after they have no sign of problems.
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    I am a newbie to say the least. We got my son a salt water tank for christmas and everything seem to be going find and then we did a horrible mistake and added a yellow tank, blue hippo tang and snowflake eel at the same time already had 2 clownfish in 29 gallon tank. What a complete disaster but looking at the bright side we only lost SAMMY (blue hippo tank). Everything was actually fine for about 2 weeks and then we noticed SAMMY had ick and so did Bob (larger clownfish). So we opted to move Sammy to the QT tank and raise the heater ( this is suppose to kill off ick from what we read). He was slowly getting worst and my wife panicked and gave it some meds ,which was I think led to him dieing. So we where now concerned about our 2 clownfish (bob and bob jr) and Logan Jr. (yellow tank) and snowflake (my snowflake eel). The ick was still present in our main tank so we did a 50% waterchange and then over a week and a half being very patient and small water changes, we brought the salinity down to 1.0100 and 1.0131 according to another forum and I have to say it has been 3 weeks now and all the ick seems to be gone and all of our fish seem to be doing awesome. We will keep it like this for another 3 weeks or so and then bring the salinity back up to normal conditions very slowly. We have gotten hooked and when I get home next week I will set up a beautiful 80 gallon tank and let it cycle naturally for however long it takes (we are in no rush) and our utlimate goal is to get a reef/fish tank up and going.