Clown Fish Important!


Please I really wanted to get clown fish I know most about the saltwater issue I'm new to saltwater. So I bought my tests today for my 2 clown fish (I have not got yet I have to wait for a while so I get a few cycles of water) but the tests are P.H and Alkalinity and Ammonia and Nitrite and Nitrate and I got a hydrometer is this all the tests I need for 2 clown fish in a 25 gallon jebo tank I also got all acceseries like double globed jebo tank 25 gallons with inbuilt filter then I got my heater (what degrees should my heater be for my 2 saltwater clown fishys)then I got like I said double globed lights jebo fluresent light and I have a pump and last but not least aterficial salt please reply I'm desperate to get my tank started.

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