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    So I am eventually going to have a 45 gallon reef tank. I am already starting to look at what fish to stock it with even though it may not happen until this fall/winter. I am moving to Tampa and I figured why not make the tank a reef tank. It'll go great with the theme of most florida houses. Anyways, I was wondering if I could do a pair of clown fish with a pair of mandarin fish? If I could, What else could I add to the tank? Any reccommendations? If I cant then I'd rather have the pair of mandarins. Thanks
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    A pair of clownfish will be fine in a 45, but I would skip the mandarins. While dragonets are pretty, their feeding habits are difficult to support. Even in larger tanks they can be difficult to keep alive. If you are going to have a sump it could work (only one mandarin though), but It may be best to go with a less picky fish.

    Is this tank a 45 gallon long or a standard 45 gallon? If it is long, then you could get a dwarf angel, though an angel may not be well suited for a reef due to coral nipping and they can be territorial. Various wrasses such as flashers or melanurus could work. I'd stay away from sixlines and their relatives (genus Pseudocheilinus) due to aggressive tendencies. Also, melanurus wrasses are reef safe in that they will not harm coral, but they may bother/eat snails and crustaceans. Chromis could also work. The blue chromis, not to be confused with the blue green chromis, has a very pretty coloration.

    If the tank is standard then basslets can be a good option. Royal grammas and chalk basslets are both interesting fish and chalk basslets are able to be kept in groups. Gobies and dartfish are also nice fish.

    In addition to sixline wrasses, most damsels and dottybacks should be avoided. The exception to damsels are chromis and clownfish (clownfish can become very territorial and be bullies, though) and the exception to dottybacks are orchids, striped, and their hybrid indigo:)