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Discussion in 'Cloudy Aquarium Water' started by Janmitch22, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    I've got cloudy water and my water tests are fine. My thoughts are that I've got some algae going, but the tank isn't in sunlight. It sits in front of a window, but the window faces north. The cloudiness isn't green's just, well, cloudy.

    I just finished medicating the tank, but the medication package explicitly noted that the tablets don't cause water coloration. I did a 50% change right after I finished the 5-day medication, but still I've noticed cloudiness for a little while before I started with the tablets.
  2. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Cloudiness can be caused by a bacterial bloom.  Medications could have killed of some of your biological filter and the cloudiness is when you can actually "see" the bacteria in your tank.  They are multiplying to meet the demand of the ammonia or nitrites.  This also happens when your tank is cycling and you do a water change.  Once the bio bugs multiply to handle the bio load, your water will magically turn crystal clear. ;)
  3. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    A bloom even though I took the filters out? That's what I was trying to prevent! I have hang-on power filters and I took the pads out while I was medicating, just letting the water flow through the empty apparatus for current.
  4. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    What did you do with the filter media once you took it out? If it didn't have a constant water flow going through it, chances are, your bacteria did not survive by lack of oxygen, or because it had no constant food supply. Also, if you removed the filter media, then your ammonia and/or nitrite levels would have probably gone up because your bacteria was mostly in that filter media. The bloom would have happened to build the bacteria level back up. Just my thoughts.
  5. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    Oh alright