cloudy water Question

  1. b

    billyboy2 Valued Member Member

    just had a quick question....i just went from a 30g to a 75g tank. i am using a mix of crushed coral and aragonite as my substrate. the crushed coral is from my original tank and the aragonite is new as i needed to add more since upgrading tank size. my tank cleared up but when adding the live rock it got cloudy very fast, will the cloudy water hurt my fish and inverts? the water parameters are on the money just don't know if i need to wait longer or if the fish will mind the cloudyness
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Hi not a salty member but i can say my fw tank did the same thing...i had to do a few days of water changes and run fresh carbon every week to clear it up..although it does settle after didnt bother my african cichlids but wait for a sw member for better advice ...congrats on the upgrade!
  3. steve_58

    steve_58 Valued Member Member

    If your water parameters are in check then it should be ok.The cloudiness should clear up pretty quickly.When you put the new argonite in it is best to mix it with your older substrate and don't just put the new on top of the older substrate.However since you switched to larger tank and disturbed the balance you had in the 30g it will be very wise to do daily water tests till you are sure the tank is settled in.There is a very good chance that the tank could go thru another cycle and the water parameters will change.Good luck with the bigger tank.