Cloudy Water :/

  1. Mike1995

    Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    in addition to my 20g, i also got and cycled another 10 g for my second betta. Betta is doing well. Plants in the tank are growing. And water parameters are right on target. (0,0,10~). But the water is cloudy. I have sand as substrate. In the 20 g i have the same sand, and its crystal clear water. The 10g, not at all. should i have rinsed it more? I have a sponge filter in the tank. It isn't really doing anything to help clear things up. what might be a better filter that won't blow my betta around?
    it's confusing because in my other 10 gallon,it's the exact same setup, and its always crystal clear
  2. Carbeo

    Carbeo Well Known Member Member

    Can we get a picture to see the shade of cloudiness? Are you using any fertilizers for the plants? How long has the cloudy 10g been set up? You said you had already cycled it. Any cleaning or maintinence done recently?
  3. OP

    Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    i can get a picture later. It's been set up about a month and a half. I use flourish. I did a water change on Monday.