Cloudy Water

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    The water in my tank seems to have gotten a little cloudy.. I tested the water and it all looked good now it seems cloudy.
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    Good morning,

    :animal0068:I have moved your thread from Freshwater Beginners to Aquarium Water/Cloudy Aquarium Water section of the forum.

    What you are seeing could be a bacterial bloom and if this is the case, then it simply needs to run its course:


    Algae issues:

    Activated Carbon:
    If you aren't currently using it, I would add some to a mesh bag and place it in your filter. It may help, it may not. It really depends on the underlying cause of the cloud.

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    Hello and not to hijack the thread, but that is an excellent article on bacterial blooms. Thank you Ken because I was JUST thinking I wanted to read up some more on bacteria!
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