cloudy water with pool sand?

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    i just set up my 60 gal tank for a gf and it seems as if the water is cloudy after adding the pool sand in... we rinse it like 5 times and the water was still cloudy so we just pour out the water and add the sand to the tank... it was cloudy still but not as much as the rinse was,

    so how long does it take for pool sand to settle? or will it ever? if the sand settles and i mix the bottom up will my tank stay cloudy again? is there a time i need to wait till it settles before i can add fish? also can i add live plants to a cloudy sand tank?
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    It can take anywhere from 1hr to a week to settle. Just be patient, it will settle. To help clear it quicker, you could add fine filter floss to trap the free floating particles.

    If you really mix the sand up again, yes, it will most likely cloud the tank. But general gravel (sand) vaccuuming should not cause a problem.

    More than the cloudiness of the water, make sure the tank is properly cycled before adding fish (there's a link in my signature if you need help)

    Yes, it should be fine.

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