Cloudy Water With Brown Areas



I did a water change and gravel clean this past week but my aquarium water is super cloudy and the corners and filled with the brown dirty water. I don’t know what’s going on or what I need to do. Here are pictures
Ms rose
The cloudiness could be a bacteria bloom, as for the weird brown part I have no clue, other will soon chime in and help you ferthur
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Some questions:

1. How old is the aquarium?

2. What are the water's readings?

3. What filtration are you using?

4. What size is the aquarium?

5. What fish are in this aquarium?

6. What are you feeding and how often?

The brown if it is on things and not the water its self it would be diatoms (I am guessing this is a new setup) They feed on silicate from the glass and will go away on their own. Nerite snails will eat it.
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I just did a water change and everything went back to normal. However, when I added the prescribed conditioning solution amount the water became cloudy. Will this resolve itself?
Ms rose
Yes, keep up on water changes and all will clear up. Assuming you are using a filter of course

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