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Cloudy Water In Fish In Cylce

  1. B

    Badet222 Valued Member Member

    Hi there guys... im new to this fish hobby...i have a 10 g tank with 1 betta in it..failed to do the fishless cycle so im now cycling with the betta in it. He's been there for 21 days now and this is the only time i saw the water becomes lightly doing my pwc tomorrow as scheduled... used stress coat and ammo lock before as advice by a good man here coz my betta's tail got ripped...i used 1/2 dose from the advice dose of bettafix just to prevent any possible fin rot.but stopped it already for two days and just gave the bettafix for 2 days.
    Ammonia 0ppm
    Nitrite .25ppm
    Temp 82f
    Do i need to do the water change now? Is the water okay?
    Thank you

    Lightly cloudy water

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  2. a

    abheeshs Valued Member Member

    What is your Nitrate reading?
  3. AllieSten

    AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi there. Could I get your nitrates also?

    Don't use anymore bettafix at all. Your fish will heal without it. Increase his protein intake and add an Indian Almond leaf to the tank. Also remove any decorations that be could snag his tail on. Unless it is fin rot, a clean healthy tank will heal his fins.

    If you are seeing nitrites and nitrates both, that is a great sign.

    The cloudiness is most likely a bacteria bloom. It is normal for a cycling tank, and although it is ugly, it will clear up on its own.

    I would use Seachem Prime instead of ammo-lock. Prime detoxifies Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. So you get all around protection. Ammo-lock only protects against Ammonia.

    If Ammonia + nitrites get above 1ppm or nitrates are above 20 then do a 50% water change.
  4. OP

    Badet222 Valued Member Member

    Thank you... my nitrates is always 0ppm as yesterday was the first time to have a rise in my nitrites... i did order the prime online coz i cant find it in my local petsmart and other petshop here.. plus sad to say my betta is a tail bitter... i thought his tails got ripped by the neon tetras he had with his tank then i removed them as well as the decors and some decorations are smooth coz i sanded all the possible rough edges... his tail is finally healing after close monitoring him for 5 days but then yesterday it got ripped and got worst compare to the first time it got ripped...thank you for the input..