Cloudy water??? HELP

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by ant105, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. ant105

    ant105Valued MemberMember

    ok so tank has two perc clowns and one cleaner shrimp. Water parameters are :
    ammonia - 0
    nitrite- 0
    nitrate - 20

    so water readings are ok? is this a bacteria bloom and will it cure itself??? ive already done a water change and been white cloudy water for 3 days.

    I currently dont have a skimmer because it has broken will this help when i get one ???

  2. smileyfish

    smileyfishValued MemberMember

    how big is the tank? how long has it been running? any coral?
  3. OP

    ant105Valued MemberMember

    Been running for around 4 weeks i did a fish cycle with tetra marine safestart which is same has Marine Bio- Spira....... tank is 170litres ?
  4. Naeusu

    NaeusuValued MemberMember

    1. your salt may not have been properly mixed in your water.
    2. Your clownfish may be kicking up sand. My maroon would kick up sand and cloudy my water every few minutes because the area her anemone was in wasn't....clean enough...i suppose....

    Is it a constant color or does it come and go?
  5. OP

    ant105Valued MemberMember

    Its a constant colour it seems to be slowly fading away now ive added my protein skimmer again?

    The protein skimmer is collecting brown water as apposed to gunk in it... is that right or should it not be collecting any water at all ?????
  6. ATP

    ATPWell Known MemberMember

    depends how you wnat and like it. I like mine to be a little wattery as oppse to the black gunk.

    Is the coulour of the water is like cloudy milky greyish sort? If it is, its probably you sand. It should be better overtime.
  7. OP

    ant105Valued MemberMember

    Ye it is seems to collect it regualry like in 2days will be half full is that ok?
    Or should it not be doin it that fast?? seems to be clearing up watever sorta bacterial bloom i was having thou... which is good :)
  8. ATP

    ATPWell Known MemberMember

    A little bit less than half. I prefer mine to get full every meaning I have to empty it every week.
  9. OP

    ant105Valued MemberMember

    Thanks il turn down the input then so i have less foam in the cupo and this should help i dont suppose you could help with another question i have..... do you know if a cleaner shrimp and a red fire shrimp will get along ok ???
    Thanks ATP
  10. ATP

    ATPWell Known MemberMember

    I'm not sure on that one.
  11. ScottC910

    ScottC910New MemberMember

    I have the exact same readings!!! 0 Ammonia
    0 Nitrate
    20 Nitrate. I have about 18 hermit crabs, 8 snails and 25 lbs of live rock. I've had this set up just over a month and was about to add some fish when I noticed one day that that I lost about 4 snails. I took some readings and everything seemed find ( salinity was a little high at 1.025) but Nitrate was a reading of 5. I put in some "prime" which is supposed to detoxify nitrite and nitrates. I did that on Sunday and today I just tested it and now it is 20. I do not have a protein skimmer yet and a just a basic filter (one that comes with a tank kit). It is a 36 gallon bowtank and I'm also beginning to develop what I think is brown algae. Any suggestions on 1: to get the Nitrates down and 2: to control the algae level. I am really looking forward to add some fish but don't want to until this is under control.


    Scott :;scuba
  12. OP

    ant105Valued MemberMember

    A protein skimmer is really a must in my opinion when you see what it collects you will see why one is needed, im having a brown algae outbreak at the moment what colour is your algae??
    Brown algae will not harm fish and usually clears itself after a while but you can clean off the tank etc..
  13. zeeter

    zeeterWell Known MemberMember

    Agreed. Protein skimmers should probably be bought with the tank, or within a week or two.

    I've been up for three months now. For the first month my water was very cloudy. It cleared up after a while, but then I noticed brown hair algae all over the place. That too cleared up and was replaced by green powdery algae. This started (the green) after I added my refugium and also began using filter fiber and active charcoal above my sump. When I started doing that the water became crystal clear overnight. Switched over to using RO/DI water and now the green algae is all but gone.

    Edit: As for the skimmer, I leave mine on full blast. Sometimes I don't get anything more than a film over the bottom of the output cup. Other times it will fill up over a few days time. Once I had to put the output to a five gallon bucket because it was just pumping out bad stuff at an alarming rate. It was all brown water so I figured that the skimmer was doing its job. It then settled down.

    Also, as I learned on here, marine equipment should be kept clean, but don't overclean your skimmer. I've switched to every three weeks on it. The skimmer tends to have far less output after cleaning. My guess is that it makes a mess of the skimmer first, then when it can't make a mess there anymore the only place for the bad stuff to go is through the output.
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  14. ScottC910

    ScottC910New MemberMember

    So what I'm getting here, correct me if I'm wrong, the protein skimmer will help correct my nitrate level as well as my algae situation?

    Scott :;scuba