Cloudy water, gravel solution?

Well, right now I'm having a problem with cloudy water, I suppose it is because of that "new tank syndrome" or something like that. Anyway, I found this website here that says if you take a handful of existing gravel from other healthy tank the bacteria from this gravel will quickly multiply and eat the "cloudyness" Anyone tried this?

I have already put the gravel in from my crystal clear 10 gallon, hope it works!
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Yep. That's called "seeding" a tank. You can also borrow filter media from a filter used in a cycled tank and do the same thing. Once you have a cycled tank, you can continue to borrow gravel or filter media to cycle another tank. You can also get some of those double sponge filters where you can remove the sponges for cleaning, and "borrow" 1 of the sponges when cycling a new tank. You merely replace the borrowed sponge with a brand new sponge, and keep the borrowed sponge in your new tank. Granted this won't work if you go from a smaller tank to a much bigger tank, but it will make a big difference in your cycle time.

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