Cloudy Water Driving Me Nutso.

Discussion in 'Cloudy Aquarium Water' started by Zoomo, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    So, this goes back at least a month ago when I tried out sand for my 2 split Betta tanks. I hated it, entire tank was white but very cloudy and smelly like the beach (COULD NOT SEE THE BACK WALL). I did not realize it, but had bought a mystery snail because I am having no luck with Nerite snails doing what I want them to do (they don't move around much and then I cannot find them, and they die or I have no idea what), and mystery snails are gross pigs although I love their activity, so since then I have started a whole new tank for just the mystery snails (4, one for each side of Betta tanks) so they would not gunk up the betta tanks. So, nothing but Bettas in the tanks now and the snail tank is great, they are loving it. Anywho, I changed the sand out, did an entire tank breakdown, cleaned everything in dirty tank water, put a new filter in each tank because of the disgusting snail gunk on it, but kept media from the old ones, used the old gravel and put it all together, filled them, they looked great for 5 days. Started getting cloudy again, and I have no idea why. I assume a bacterial bloom because of the new cartridges I put in but it is not clearing. I just did probably a 45% water change so we will see, but also went to amazon, ordered a stronger pump for these tanks, with prefilters so I do not blow around the fish, and for each side of the tank I ordered a foam filter with a single air-pump with 4 outlets on it. So, waiting on that, but never had any problem with the filter on these tanks, so not sure what it is. Before putting it back together, I checked the impeller, and the flow is pretty strong, but the back channel where these built in filters go seems stagnant, not sure why, but water is flowing out, pretty strongly.

    I just checked parameters before water change and they were all fine. The nitrates are hard to tell if 0 or in between 0 and the next color. It seems middle. These tanks have been up and running for months until I put sand in them and I messed with them. They were never cloudy before in same tanks until I put sand and mystery snails in them. The cartridges were changed right before the mystery snails were removed, so may have to replace them again even though I have rinsed them numerous times in tank water. At one point, with the snails in there, I added another filter to each tank and it did nothing.

    So, breakdown, good parameters, just betta fish, split tank, 5.5 gallons (I know some of you do not agree with this, but I do not have room for bigger tanks), all fish seem fine, eating, did 45% water change today, still cloudy water. Any ideas? I hate to take everything out again and start all over but when the new pump and little sponge filters come will have to move it to put these in, so will have to do most likely a 75% water removal so I can lift it.
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  3. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    So, I bought Purigen and it will be here Thursday, but I have watched 5 videos and still am unsure where to put it. My filter is built in. It is behind the split tank, starts on the left where the water pulls in from, goes through a carbon cartridge, then a bio ball cartridge, then flows through 2 big black sponges before it goes back out into the tank. I don't know where to put the purigen. I was considering taking out the carbon cartridge, emptying it, putting this inside the carbon cartridge and then back where it goes in the slots for the carbon cartridge. Does this seem okay? I bought the small 100 ml boxes that come in little bags, a 3 pack, until I try it and see if I like it, then will probably order big bottle and my own bags. 45% water change yesterday, water is still very cloudy. New filters be here today along with sponge filters, but Purigen not till tomorrow.
  4. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    I would put it in a mesh media bag, inside the filter.
  5. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, but where in the filter? So, the water comes into the filter on the left, hits a carbon cartridge, goes through that into a ceramic media cartridge, before it trails off through 2 black sponges, and then out into the tank again on the right. I don't know if it should go before the carbon cartridge, behind it, by the black sponges, or before the outflow back into the tank (although really no where to put it here as it comes through a small hole in back of tank with a duckbill nozzle).
  6. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    It really doesn't matter where you place anything in a HOB, but I like order in my canister.
    I order my filters like this.

    1st Layer - Polisher Pad
    2nd Layer - Media
    3rd Layer - Sponges

    1st Layer - Carbon & Zeolite
    2nd Layer - Lava Rock Media
    3rd Layer - Floss

    Doesn't matter really, but you can put the bagged Purigen first in order so that the water hits it first. Either way, all the water will eventually be cycled through it by the filter.
  7. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    It is not a HOB though. It is a built in filter into the back of the tank, has 3 chambers, one for cartridges, one for foam pads, and one for the outflow into the tank (where heater goes as well). Filter is entire length of tank. I will figure it out, thanks. Not even quite sure how this filter works. Pulls in one chamber, flows across cartridges, then chamber with foam, then back out into tank. It is run off a submersible pump.

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