Closer to done with my diy canister filter

  1. Kbrown8211 Initiate Member

    I'm putting together a pretty basic canister filter. The housing and internals are PVC, basic polyfil mechanical filtration, chemipure elite and purigen for chemical. I assume that after a bit the polyfil will house enough bacteria to act as bacterial filtration also. Now to figure out how to post pictures from my phone...
  2. martini4 Member Member

    You'll probably want something more than poly fil for your bio filter because the poly fil will need to be replaced periodically thus removing the bacteria. I use small pieces of lava rock in mine to grow the bacteria on, just make sure you rinse it before adding it or you'll end up with a mess like I did lol
  3. Kbrown8211 Initiate Member

    Did you use the stuff for bbq applications? I thought about doing it, and my setup is pretty modular so it easily can be added, but I didn't want to wait for another trip to the store to try out my filter.
  4. martini4 Member Member

    I know how that is. I bought of crushed lave rock at Lowe's in the landscaping department, but the bbq stuff will work too. If it's too big, just crush it with a hammer.
  5. Kbrown8211 Initiate Member

    I try to keep it simple. Here's the case.[​IMG]
    Here is the internal bit.
  6. martini4 Member Member

    Little more sophisticated than mine...water goes in one end and out then other and hangs on the back of the tank.
  7. Kbrown8211 Initiate Member

    I'm not sure I can call it sophisticated since the clean out plug leaked. Instead of pulling it out and Teflon taping it, I overtightened the plug and need to figure out how to get it back off. Oops...
  8. martini4 Member Member

    Oh yes, I got to excited and forgot the Teflon tape at first too