Clearing Up My Stocking (long As Heck) 65 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by CloudTheFluffy, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. CloudTheFluffy

    CloudTheFluffyValued MemberMember

    So I'm trying to clean up my stocking in my overstocked 65g and it's super fun.
    Current stocking list:
    4x angelfish

    5x W skirt tetras

    6x x-ray tetras

    3x bloodfin tetras (three died one day after the other with no symptoms and good water levels)

    6x black Kuhli loach (I read somewhere black and striped were the same, long story short all three striped kuhlis went into my filter and accidently got squished after I cleaned the filter in old tank water and didn't see them)

    6x bronze cory

    3x guppy (females were in my 20g but largest female was harassing the smaller female, so the betta did to and the bigger tank made her stop, the male was in there because the larger female was tired of him and ripped his tail good and again larger tank was all they needed def wasn't the betta I was watching the tank when it happened)

    1x opaline gourami

    1x yo-yo loach


    1x betta

    Future stocking:
    So the plan was to wait and grab another tank around 55-65+. I can't find a deal and I'm not sure I will be able to care for another large tank due to health and limited water. We have a dug well that was supposed to be a drilled well and 7 people so water for people come first.
    Somebody I know has gotten into the hobby and started off with an old 90g and is willing to take on my yo-yo and take proper care of him.

    4x angelfish still. If they become aggressive then my friend mentioned earlier will take some on if it is needed but is not really looking to have them.
    6x-8x W skirt tetra. One was injured/sick and was bullied beyond recovery in under 48h so just going to finish the school.
    6x x-ray tetras
    6x bronze cory
    6x black kuhli loach
    1x opaline gourami still, if it becomes a problem my friend will also try and take this fish.
    Aqadvisor rates this at 117% so still overstocked but I want to still try and make this work. I don't normally use this site so hoping this can still be successful.

    1x betta
    3x guppy
    6-3x bloodfin tetras, I will place them in the tank and if the three don't work out then they have to live out the rest of there life in the 65g my friend really does not want to take a whole school of possibly infected fish due to the 3 random die offs.

    Moral of the story: Make sure people understand that no, you do not want random fish for your birthday and no I will not take your random unwanted fish. I really hate that. This one "friend" gave me a rhino pleco that has passed on and then some others thought they could just give me there random freaking fish. The last fish I bought were 3 cory cats, the black kuhli loaches and the guppies. everything else was just dumped on me from sub-par conditions while I had no QT. Fun.

    Sorry for long post and any errors it's late and I'm too lazy to read through this again. I most likely won't respond until 6-7am because sleep is a wonderful luxury I don't often get to indulge in.

    p.s just ignore the stocking in my signature thing I haven't updated it yet.
  2. endlercollector

    endlercollectorFishlore VIPMember

    I feel for you. I can't tell you how many fish I've ended up with that were not what I wanted. I have over 20 tanks (some are sitting empty till I figure out where to stick them). So of course, I'm recommending a 10 gallon of hard, alkaline water for those guppies as everyone else you have want soft, acidic water. Do you have a local Freecycle (Yahoo group) near you? I've managed to give away some fish that way. I'd also put the Betta in a 5 gallon on his/her own to avoid random postal behavior.

    Sorry not to deal with other issues (among the many) in your post. I'm finally falling asleep. I'll check in after I have a good snooze ;)
  3. Adriifu

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Honestly, the future 65-gallon doesn't seem too overstocked, if overstocked at all. Just perform 50% water changes weekly and you'll be good to go. Keep an eye on nitrates as well. For the 20-gallon, I'd be weary about adding guppies with a betta. They can be nippy and the betta may get too aggressive. You can try it out, but I would suggest a more peaceful fish, like harlequin rasboras. I have five of them in a 10-gallon tank with my betta.

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