Clearing tank of meds.

  1. Maxi1 Member Member

    Hi all, I brought home 3 pearl gourami I have been planning for in the 55 gallon tank. The next day one of them had 2 white spots so I have been treating the tank for 10 days. I took the carbon out and left the blue filter media in the 2 filters. So the med last dose is Friday. My plan on Saturday is to take a new filter cartridge, replace the new blue part with one of the ones already in my tank and place that in the tank to remove the medicine, so I will keep the cycle. My question, is this the correct procedure? The fish have done well, spots gone after a couple of days and no new spots. Thanks!

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I would just do a water change after the treatment is finished & put the carbon back in, if you take out one of the two cycled blue sponges you're effectively removing 50% of your good bacteria.

  3. Maxi1 Member Member

    Yes, Coradee, I believe I am thinking the same thing you are saying . I didn't say it well. I am trying to save both blue sponges. I use 2 Marineland Penguin 200's. So when I started this I took both of the filters and removed the carbon. So if I want the carbon back now I have to use a new one and reverse by taking out the new blue sponge and replacing it with the old blue sponge, right? And that brings another question: so I suppose I can just put one filter carbon back, even though I use 2 filters? Sorry if I'm making this harder than it has to be..... Oh, and good you mentioned the water change, didn't think of that.

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  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I have no experience of the filter you're using, can you not just get new carbon for it or stuff the old one back in if it hasn't been exhausted?

  5. Maxi1 Member Member

    I am using an Aqua-Tech filter cartridge says contains premium activated carbon. I had to tear off the blue sponge from the frame or at least that's all I knew to do and then the carbon little balls rolled out so that's all discarded. I took the blue old sponges and used dental floss to tie them to the frame and put them back in tank. That's why I was figuring I would have to reverse and pull off the new blue sponges to put the old good ones on to have both the carbon and the old blue sponges. I've never done this before, is there an easier way?

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  6. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    That's why I don't like filters that use cartridges or all in one sponges!
    I think I understand you now, you'll have to buy a new cartridge with the carbon, & either remove the new blue, replace with the old blue or if at all possible stuff the old blue one alongside the new. . . or wait for someone who knows about your filter to advise you of a better way .
    The things we do for our fish, I hope they appreciate it! glad yours are all healthy again :)
  7. Maxi1 Member Member

    Ahh, good. I didn't know there was any other kind of filter, lol. Thanks so much for your perseverance!

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  8. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    If you have 2 Penguin 200's on your one tank here is what I would do.....

    Replace the cartridge on 1 of the filters with a new on with carbon in the cartridge. On the old cartridge you are replacing, tear/cut off all the blue mesh stuff from the plastic frame. Somehow stuff that back down into your filter, maybe right before the new cartridge, so it somewhat lays across the surface of new cartridge. This will keep your old bacteria and help colonize the new cartridge. I would leave the other filter and cartridge alone. Doing a large water change will also help, maybe 75% if you can.

    Remember you also have the bio-wheels and inside of the filter housing that also holds a lot of bacteria as well. If you used a ton of meds and really wanted to be sure to get it all out of water, you could do the procedure I described above for both filters.
  9. delta5 Well Known Member Member

    Leave your filters alone. Cut the top off a plastic water bottle. Poke small holes all over the bottom of the bottle. Either add loose carbon to the bottle or a aquaclear 30-50 package of carbon and fill in the gaps between that carbon package and the walls of the bottle with gravel. Attach this so the water coming out of your filter goes into the top of the bottle. This way you're not restricting your filters in any way.