clear goo in snail tank

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here's the story on the tank, it's a 5 gallon hex, it originally housed two small goldfish. after a few weeks ick appeared and we treated it for ick, but the next day the two goldfish died. I think we may have accidentally overmedicated. we miss 'em, but here's the real part of my question. We dried out the tank, let it sit for a few days dry, then added water and let it run for like 3 days. we only have well water and have noticed that this water is very prone to algae. right now the only thing we have in there are 3 yellow apple snails and a brown apple snail. we feed them Wardley algae discs. but we've noticed a clear/opaque slime/fuzz growing on their shells and the ornamentation through out the tank. we have no idea what it is or if it's dangerous. I fear it could be ick again but I don't have much history with ick. the snails were originally kept in our tropical tank until we discovered that either our very large pleco was sucking them right out of their shells and eating them or that they were just being picked on by the pleco. we know they're not sick, but could have picked up something from the goldfish that died or from the ick... we have no idea... I'll take some pictures and see if I can narrow in on the fuzz/slime.
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Interesting...I don't know. I have black mystery snails and they sometimes have trails of goo coming from their backsides, but that's common. Maybe your snails are extra gooey?
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