cleaning white deposits on outside

I just moved a 150 gallon from work to home. It wasn't kept very clean at work so now I'm scrubbing walls down before I fill it but I can't get the white deposits off the outside. I tried scrubbing with salt. Anyone have any ideas on how to get these ugly white drip marks safely off outside of tank?
You need to use a lot of elbow grease to get that off.

The deposits need to be soaked for awhile. Try pouring vinegar on, then covering the spot with a wet towel and leaving it for awhile.

Then scrub again with those plastic scrubbies used for dishes.

Repeat as needed!
J J Indy
An algae scrubbing pad works pretty good and is safe for the glass if it is on the outside of the tank you can buy lime off its a jungle brand it works really well. I used it on a tank that I got off a guy I work with and used it inside the tank when it was empty but a lot of rinsing and wiping out before you can fill and decorate.

P.S. the guy I got the tank off of must not have cleaned this tank often if ever but $50 for a 55gallon, 2 power filters and the hoods wasn't bad for a little elbow grease.
Vinegar is excellent for getting it off, i've not long done my 2ft and I just slopped it on and give a bit of a scrub and rinsed lots and the tank is very much like new, very impressed with it and vinegar is cheap!
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