Cleaning Tom Mini Canister Question

  1. emanluke

    emanluke Valued Member Member

    Hello again, everyone! I've been gone for a while but am back now with a 10-gallon dirted tank.

    I'm looking for advice from anyone who has used Tom Mini Canister(s) before. I haven't cleaned it yet (tank is still pretty new), but I had an issue when I had to unplug the tank in an emergency. Now, I am about as unexperienced as can be when it comes to canisters, so imagine my surprise to see it start leaking. Nothing that I couldn't get under control, but enough to make me question how to go about cleaning this thing when the time comes. Any advice? I love the filter; it has done a fantastic job clearing up the tank after some very "dirt"y water.

    I am currently using the HOB filter caddy. I have not replaced any of the parts shipped with the filter (i.e. - still using the rather inflexible tubing provided). I plan to replace the carbon package that came with the filter with a sponge to add some real estate for cycling bacteria.
  2. FiscCyning

    FiscCyning Valued Member Member

    My Tom mini canister is still very new so I don't really have recommendations for regular maintenance, but it would be concerned about the leaking. I've unplugged mine a few times (it's on the same power strip as the heater so I just unplug the strip for water changes) and I've never had it leak. You may have a faulty unit.

    I did replace the carbon package right off the bat. I just cut a strip of sponge and rolled it around the little pipe that sticks into the canister. It's worked well so far.
  3. OP

    emanluke Valued Member Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm thinking I'm going to put bucket under it and try to unplug it again. I didn't know if I was just doing it wrong or if there was a particular way you had to handle the filter when turning it off and cleaning it.