20 Gallon Tank Cleaning tank.


Ahh.. so many humps to get this thing set up and running. I think I'm on the downhill run though. I switch to this Omega One food and I have been feeding the same amount, yet for some reason I found TONS of food debris. So now I need to do a full cleansing.

Its all in the moss and intake. Also I think the moss maybe be colonizing the intake... or dear.

So I guess my questions are if you have a bunch of nondecaying food lying around. What the best way to do it? Stir up the water with a net?

And how do you clean Java Moss?


best way to clean ur gravel is with a gravel vac it wioll suck up any left over food bits and the fish poop
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Your best bet would be to use a gravel vacuum. Stirring it up is going to make a mess.
Here's a great video (from our very own capekate) showing how to use one:

1-2-3 easy aquarium siphon instructions


Hello. I've moved your thread to the "cleaning/maintenance" section of the forum. It may help you to get more responses and help other members as well.
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Oh thanks!

Oh well I have sand which is relatively clean and I know to use a siphon on the very top, but its the food that like embedded in the Java Moss that is bothering me

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