Cleaning My Tank After A Fish Death


Hello all! I’ve posted on here quite a bit and so far I’ve really been thankful for the tips and advice that you all have been giving!

Today I’m here with a confusing question. I had a betta fish but sadly he died from Dropsy. I still have the tank going, I haven’t turned off the filter or taken anything out. There are only live plants, a glass orb, and a hunk of driftwood. I’m considering getting another betta in the near future, do I need to toss the plants/driftwood/substrate? Or should I only need to change the water? Help!


Since dropsy is not highly contagious, I suggest just changing 50% of the water, changing the filter cartridge and letting it cycle for a day or so before adding a betta or any new fish/invertebrate, since it's already established I assume. You could also add stress coat and an almond leaf if you want to be extra. As for the substrate/driftwood/plants, I believe it's honestly up to you. Some live plants may require extra care in the aquarium. I do suggest making sure you do have at least one good hide for your new betta but if you don't want to aquascape, then you don't have to. But do remember to be careful of any decor you add as some plants and decorations can hurt the betta's sensitive fins.
Hope this helps : )


Do you know what caused the dropsy? Dropsy itself is never contagious, but that is because it is a symptom, not a disease. I think if you don't know caused it, I'd be a little more aggressive in the cleaning. Also, don't chuck your filter media unless you want to go through the whole cycle again. Also, you will have to go through the cycle again unless you are feeding the bacteria in the tank an ammonia source.

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